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Fée des Fleurs (Fairy of fowers) in Flassans

A great florist ! It's so important to be helped by professional persons, kind and serious. To be able to relie on competent services providers...

So, we wish to help you to discover precious craftmans for your event success !

Séverine, alias Fée des Fleurs is a florist listening to yous wishes, and she's able to adapt her creations to your needs. She is of very good advice, you can trust her professionalism !

Beside her creative qualities, Séverine is a nice person, with a great heart... She will do her job passionnaly and deserve her name of fairy !

She will be able to create and deliver on a great part of Var your floral artistic compositions for your event, from the bridal bouquet, flowers for the car, the ceremony and tables in the evening.

You can contact her for further explanations... She is available on phone at 07 81 97 26 00 and by facebook :

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