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Two photographers, deux pairs of eyes so as not to let anything escape from this magnificent day...

Who are we ?

We tell you everything !

biography Emilie Giordano photographer var and provence

Here, that's me !


The little young one of the duo, heh heh...

I think that since my childhood, I have had cameras in my hands... but I really discovered photography while covering sporting events. Self-taught, I learned the profession through experiences and advices from knowledgeable professionals to realize my dream,

make it my job!

My strong points: creative and quite fun, I will put you at ease with a little touch of humor... 

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Valérie Ruperti Biography Var and Provence

And there, that me !


The oldest of the duo, respect eh...

For my part, I discovered photography at the age of 18 during a trip to England. A true passion was born. Since then, I have made my way, professional photographer since 1998, self-employed since 2009, mainly in marriage and everything related to family. 

Naturally cheerful and positive, I love life and human contact... and the best of this job is that we witness lots of beautiful stories, yours!

Why two photographers ?

Valerie : The idea came  when Emilie wanted to discover wedding photography and accompanied me on reports.

We found it very interesting to be together at an event, it's a real strength!

Emilie : I loved working as a duo, Valérie being the official photographer, no one paid attention to me. The ideal opportunity to have natural, spontaneous photos of everyone around the bride and groom. 

It is from this observation that we chose to work together!

Indeed, we have two pairs of eyes instead of one, we can focus both on your couple and on your guests, on everything that is happening around you and that you will have the pleasure of discovering during the viewing the images!

There are so many little moments that you will have neither the time nor the opportunity to see on this beautiful day, and for that reason :


We are your eyes, our job is to put into images everything that happened during the day!

Benefits : 

- Twice as many images

- Different viewing angles

- We are everywhere at once

- We are complementary

- More time for creative images

- Support possible from

wedding invitation card

to the thank you card

- Service Mary Poppins with handkerchiefs, sewing kit...


- You will have to support two photographers instead of one;

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Supports livres valphotovar et EV photography-002-3.jpg
Supports livres valphotovar et EV photography-012-2.jpg
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We are working in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur 

Emilie 06 28 68 02 85

Valérie 06 01 80 48 56

Sent you for your message !

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