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Who are we ?

We tell you everthing

Emilie Giordano photographe provence alpes cote d'azur

Here, it's me !


The little young one of the duo, heh heh...

I think that since my childhood, I have had cameras in my hands... but I really discovered photography while covering sporting events. Self-taught, I learned the profession through experiences and advices from knowledgeable professionals to realize my dream,

make it my job!

My strong points: creative and quite fun, I will put you at ease with a little touch of humor... 

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Valerie Ruperti  photographer in Provence

And there, that's me !


The oldest of the duo, respect eh...

For my part, I discovered photography at the age of 18 during a trip to England. A true passion was born. Since then, I have made my way, professional photographer since 1998, self-employed since 2009, mainly in marriage and everything related to family. 

Naturally cheerful and positive, I love life and human contact... and the best of this job is that we witness lots of beautiful stories, yours!

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